Weather at the Field

Upcoming Events

May 8 - 10 - Just Jets Fun Fly in St. George

May 15 - Club Meeting, 7pm, UVA Field

May 17 - EF-1 Race - Field closed to public flying until 2pm

May 23 - UVA Night Fly Event

May 31 - UVA Fun Fly - Timed Flight (click here for rules)

June 6-7 - Heli Club Open House - FIELD CLOSED TO FLYING

June 12 - Club Meeting, 7pm, UVA Field

June 21 - 2014 OPEN HOUSE, 9am - 2pm!!

Aug 16 - UVA Fun Fly - Climb and Glide (click here for rules)

AMA Sanctioned Club #2834

Welcome to Utah Valley Aeromodelers!

Welcome to the Utah Valley Aeromodelers Club Website! We are an all-ages RC club looking to have some fun flying!
Whether you are just starting out or are a competition level pilot, we welcome you to come fly with us!
Head over to our forum page on RCGroups and see what's going on!

Magnum Fuel Order

Wally Smith is putting together an order for Magnum Fuel (Nitro).
If you are interested, please contact him at 801-901-6090 or email at

F.A.I - 0% - $22.00 per 5 qts.
15% Sport - 15% - $25.00 per 5 qts.
Magnum #1 - 18% - $27.00 per 5 qts.
Magnum #2 - 20% - $30.00 per 5 qts.

Members can see more on Magnum fuels by going to the website at

Wally will order fuel on April 15th and he will only order for prepaid orders. Send money to:
Wally Smith 311 Pavilion Circle. Saratoga Springs. 84045.

Price quote above is without a discount that we will get if we order several cases.
He will refund the discount when the fuel is picked up by the members (if any is applicable).
Fuel is expected to be received around the end of April if we order on the 15th of April.

Just Jets Fly In St. George

May 15 Club Meeting

We will be having our May Club Meeting at the UVA Flying Field.

We will be discussing upcoming events, Fun Flys, the June 21, 2014 Open House, and Model of the Month!
Also, we will be planning a field cleanup day for before the Open House!
See you there!

Darin's Tomahawk Futura at St. George