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Upcoming Events

July Club Meeting
Thursday July 14th, 7:00 p.m. - Saratoga Springs Flying Field

Climb and Glide Fun Fly!
(tentative) Saturday August 13th, 10:00 a.m. - Saratoga Springs Flying Field

Weather at the Field

AMA Charter #2834

Welcome to Utah Valley Aeromodelers!

Welcome to the Utah Valley Aeromodelers Club Website! We are an all-ages RC club looking to have some fun flying!
Whether you are just starting out or are a competition level pilot, we welcome you to come fly with us!
Head over to our forum page on RCGroups and see what's going on!

Float Fly at Utah Lake

It was a little on the breezy side, but the lake was still smooth enough for some good float flying! Access was fine and Wendell could park his bus right on the beach. See all the photos on our Facebook photo album UVA Float Fly 2016.

Terry shows us how to have a good time at the Float Fly!

2016 Elwyn Peck Memorial Open House & Fly-In

The weather was threatening but between a few showers we had some great flying at the 2016 Open House! Milt and Bill worked hard to keep the flight line moving and planes in the air at all times. Big thanks to everyone who helped out with flight ops, check-in, music, the raffle, set-up and clean-up, and especially the food! Great job from everyone! Pictures are up on Facebook.

John Schauble's giant Carbon Cub floats in for a landing near the end of the 2016 Open House.

Field Clean-up Day

This month's club meeting was a clean-up day at the flying field. A good number of folks came with weed whackers, lawn mowers, edgers, brooms, blowers, and lots of enthusiasm to give the field a good once-over. We now have three sets of bleachers for spectators at the upcoming Open House, which have been placed on the north side of the field near the taxi-way. We also had a quick meeting and model-of-the-month entries. Wendell and Pocho came back over the weekend with some big mowers to knock down weeds and grass in the "rough" near the runway. Thanks guys!

See all the photos over at Facebook!

New Starting Tables at the Field - from Milt Sanders

I went over today and helped Morris Fruit from Fresno build another starting table. We started at 10:00 and dropped it off at the field at 5:00. This one is a little larger and has a few new features that the other does not. Morris made some changes after seeing how the first one he built on his own was doing. I will attach construction photos and our travel to the field to drop it off. Morris deserves a great hand from the club for his outstanding work. Also we need to advertise how the stands are to be used. They are for temporary use when starting up your plane before taking it out to the flight line. Please do not leave aircraft or support equipment on the tables so that others may use them.

A big thanks to Morris and Milt for this great addition to the field! These look like they're great to use and will be a safety enhancement, too.

A Visit from some Seniors

The group of assisted living folks from Osmond Senior Living Center came to visit our field today, invited by Ron and Rodney LeBlanc. Ron is currently living at the Center. There were about 15 guys and gals who arrived in a bus at 1:00 and stayed until a little after 3:00. They enjoyed their outing very much. Rod talked to them for a couple of minutes, than I gave them about a 5 minute spiel on the club, our field, what we do, and showed them how the controller works with the controls on my SE5. A couple of the other guys also spent a few minutes telling them what was going on as planes were flying.

They saw a 3D demo, a few other planes fly around, then Alan and I put up our WW I biplanes with 35 foot streamers to try some friendly combat (we wanted to practice an act for the Open House) and they loved that. Pocho flew his big P-47 and his helicopter, I also flew my small P-51, and Rodney flew a couple of his planes. Morris from Fresno put up his big gasser and we filled the sky for about an hour and a half. They sounded like they wanted to come out again, so I gave out some flyers for the open house and made sure that their activities director got one of them too.

They had a good time! - Milt Sanders

2016 Open House and Air Show!

Big thanks to Michael Wiggin! He continues to help out the club even after moving to Texas by updating the flyer for our air show.

April Club Meeting Report

A lot of folks came out to our April meeting and it was well worth the effort because Milt Sanders showed us a video he had made back when he was serving in Vietnam flying an F-100 Super Saber. He also brought his flight G-suit and helmet for us to see. The video was on the ground and in the cockpit, and was from his last mission there. Milt has loved aircraft and aviation his whole life and we're glad to have him in the club!

Business was a review of preparations for the upcoming Open House, in particular any items needed for the food preparation. We also discussed the need for better access control to the field to paid members of the club, with a way at least to identify who has a current membership. Right now about half of the people who have been members of the club, and have a current AMA membership, have paid club dues for 2016. We would like to encourage everyone to share in supporting the financial costs of running the club. While the club leadership continues to work with the city of Saratoga Springs and Utah County on what can be done with the gate and lock mechanism, it was proposed that we make a club membership card that could be worn on a lanyard or badge pin when at the field. Bill Zamora offered to create a draft design for us to consider. Wendell Henrie and Lance Andrewson both have laminating machines that could be used in making the cards. We will need to discuss the details and process for how this would work, if adopted, at the next club meeting.

Photos are posted on Facebook at April Club Meeting photo album.

It was good to see everybody out at the meeting this month! Next month we will start meeting out at the flying field for the summer, with a field clean-up evening being the likely activity. See you there!

March Club Meeting Report

We had a good turnout for the March club meeting of the Utah Valley Aeromodelers. We met at the American Fork Macey's conference room. Club President Darin Peirce was unable to be with us this month due to work commitments, but Wendell Henrie led the discussion. The club annual Open House is fast approaching and was the primary order of business for the evening. We have selected the date of June 11 for the event. There are many details to work out and folks began signing up for the various pieces of equipment we will need and tasks that need to be done. Gary Sauter's family has graciously offered to do the food stand again this year, which has always been a popular attraction. Several volunteers have agreed to talk with hobby shops for donations for the raffle, and proceeds from the raffle will again be donated to charity (South Valley Services shelter) this year. Wendell has offered to donate a large CAP aircraft, and also suggested that we can start selling tickets before the event and also offer to award prizes to people not present if they include their contact information on the tickets. This might generate more interest in buying tickets if someone does not have to be present at the drawing to win.

We signed up folks to bring tables, coolers, and pop-up awnings. We still need to determine who is able to bring the sound system for music and announcements. There were also a number of suggestions for events to do during the open house, such as a flight of "eagles" during the flag raising and perhaps a paintball shoot. These details will need to be worked out depending on availability of equipment and volunteers to coordinate operations. If you have ideas or suggestions, or would be willing to volunteer at the event, please contact a member of the club presidency. We still need a few more people to be available for manning the raffle booth, AMA table, and helping with flight line operations and safety. Also, we would like to have a larger static display area this year, so if you could bring aircraft just for display purposes, that would be great!

Finally, while we have had some awesome performers at the show in the past, this is ultimately an event for the club members to show the community what we are about as a club. We want to have planes in the air as much as possible, whether it be trainers and sport planes, or awesome 3D aerobatics. So please don't be afraid to bring your plane out and put in a few flights for the crowd - everyone is welcome and appreciated!

We had some great Model of the Month entries, and you can see them on our UVA Facebook photo album

February Club Meeting Report

Wendell Henrie hosted and conducted the February meeting of the Utah Valley Aeromodelers at his home in Lehi. Due to conflicts with the meeting room at Macey's, we needed to make a last-minute change. Darin was also unable to attend due to work reasons, but Wendell stepped in and did a great job. Fortunately, we were able to get the word out about the change of location and a good number of folks were able to make it for the discussion and lots of "Model of the Month" entries. The first order of business was to set a date for the annual Open House and air show. The date of June 11th was proposed and accepted. We would like to coordinate this with the city's annual "Saratoga Splash" party, but details were not available on when that is going to be held. Regardless, we will let them know our plan and hopefully we can coordinate publicity and events. Plan on discussing more details and starting to make assignments for the event at next month's meeting.

The next issue for discussion was the upcoming deadline for "drone registration" with the FAA. Many of us were not aware of this issue until recently, but we all need to know as members of the flying community that it is now a requirement for everyone flying an R/C model aircraft weighing more than 0.55 lbs to register with the FAA. The AMA has been working fervently with the FAA to exempt AMA members from having to do the registration, but so far to no avail. It was hoped that being an AMA member would be sufficient to meet the requirements, but so far the FAA is still requiring everyone to register separately. The process is done on-line at FAA Registration Page. They will issue a number which must be either displayed on or within your aircraft when flying, similar to what is expected with your AMA number. The number must be either visible or accessible within the aircraft without the use of tools - e.g., a hatch that can be opened by hand. The AMA has an FAQ concerning this issue on their web site at AMA Drone FAQ

Christmas must have been good this year because there were lots of Model of the Month entries! Check out the photos over at our Facebook page here: February UVA Club Meeting

An invitation from our friends to the south:


Installing Fuel Lines for Nitro Planes by Milt Sanders

Milt has put together a short article on installing fuel lines for Nitro Planes. Check it out here

Club Banquet

The annual UVA Banquet was held on Friday, January 9 at the Golden Corral. Lots of folks came out for some good food, conversation, review of the last year and starting off the new year introducing the presidency. Besides the presidency elected at last month's meeting, we will have a full safety committee instead of just a safety officer. The Safety committee will consist of Wally Smith, John Watson, Bill Zamora, and Terry Swapp. Next meeting will be on February 11th at the home of Wendell Henrie in Lehi (1020 S 790 W, Lehi, UT). See you there!
See more pictures posted on Facebook.

January 1 - Freeze Fly!

10:00 a.m. at the club field

Come on out and work on your "All Season Flyer" the first day of the year.